Founder and artist of Su#er Event, Irenee S. is a French DJ who has been playing different types of music for many years. He believes that diversity is a necessary for cultural and ar3s3c blossoming. He ranges from Techno to Bass House and has had the support of Federico Gardenghi and Dense & Pika. Video w/ more 350K views


A young Parisian techno Dj/ producer who believes that technology plays a key role in musical expression.Refining his cra^ over the years, Madar is always eager to showcase his gear and music to new audiences. He defines his techno by dark and stripped down beats always backed up by heavy bass.



Resident Dj at High Club in Nice, Mehdi has been playing for many years now and is really insane to see. His overwhelming Techno/ Tech House Music brings an unbelievable amount of energy to dance floors . He blends skill and his joyful personality to always create the best experience. Social media has already agreed on that